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I myself am hell, nobody's here...

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Some posts are for downloading, some posts are for clicking on links. This one is for reading. I usually try to spare you all from my incoherent mumblings, this is an exception.

***Ben Kweller - Thirteen***

I can't remember when this song first got dropped on my head. I'd dismissed it as not up to standard on Ben Kweller's new self-titled album, it wasn't "Penny on the Train Track." I was walking, my mp3 player on random play, impatiently flipping through songs when "Thirteen" came along and I gave it a second chance.

Ben Kweller told a story, and it was mine. I'd had a rough break-up in March (this year) and ensuing complicated situations, then more feelings, more strangeness.

The summer was my escape, I jumped in a car and drove away, the mountains carried me to listlessness and I was free. Still phantom emotions hid in the opera house, even in my own thoughts I was never alone. Then it came, "We've been in the rain / we've been on the mountain / we've been round the fire."

And the truth, the simplicity: "We danced in the moonlight at midnight / we pressed against back doors and wooden floors / and you never faked it / And frequently / We ignored our love / But we could never mistake it..."

I believe in pianos; a piano never lies.

Buy Ben Kweller at eMusic or from his website

***Voxtrot - Real Live Version***

I've fallen in love again, but a song can't break your heart. The first few words, " Love, spread out like seeds / Somebody walked away from landscape poverty" are in the smell of rain, a piano struggles to play along. By the time Ramesh Srivastava gets to his last repetition of "And it turns around like you / And it turns around like me" the world is over, and I'm left on wet concrete, "...always struggling."

Buy Voxtrot from iTunes / eMusic

(I removed the other songs I had up here so I can write about them individually in a way that does them justice)

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3 Responses to “I myself am hell, nobody's here...”

  1. # Blogger Will

    So, interesting story (you be the judge). I was driving back from my roommates house in Shawsville (near Blacksburg) on my way back to Fredericksburg yesterday morning. She had her (my) iPod shuffle plugged in on random and while we were driving through Charlottesville a Ben Kweller song came on that I was not familiar with. I liked it but did not bother asking her what it was cause she was asleep (it's ok, I was driving). Anyway, fast forward to this morning and reading this particular blog. I read the post and download the songs. Long story longer, it is the same Ben Kweller song I heard yesterday. Yeah, I guess that is about it, cool coincidence.  

  2. # Blogger Kate

    Definitely a funny coincidence! yay for Virginia.  

  3. # Blogger Girl.

    It's amazing what a song can do for you. I, too, suffered an awful break-up in the first few months of the year and, instead of finding solace, found bitterness and disappointment in this once-beautiful song ["Thirteen"]. It was not until recently that I could listen to it without wretching or wear the tee-shirt said ex bought me with these lyrics etched into a heart shape upon it.

    I understand. Ugh, those words sound false to me, but it's rather true. And, damn, do I love Ben Kweller.  

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