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I *heart* brooklyn

True, Curly's is in the East Village, but is delicious nonetheless.
I spent an extended weekend crashing with a friend in Park Slope, and just want to reiterate my love for all things Brooklyn. Damn you DC.

Mos Def - Brooklyn
Frightened Rabbit - Last Tango In Brooklyn

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"I've got some yellow-paper ideas"

Christmas Fuller Project is four college-age guys from Arkansas who play the sort of thoughtful, cheerful pop music that I would have died for in high school, when I wanted nothing more to slip into someone else's shoes and get away. They've been playing together since 2005, and their work ethic is obvious; I expect their music will only get better.

Christmas Fuller Project - Airports
Christmas Fuller Project - Desert Girls

Buy Green & Lonely EP from CDBaby
Christmas Fuller Project's myspace


Florence & The Machine one of the blogosphere's latest obsessions, which I happen to share. Lungs (released July 6 in Britain) is doing great on the UK charts, we'll see if Florence Welch's music can cross the Atlantic. Reasons to listen: Welch has a soul singer's voice and a dark sense of humor. She's set to compete with the likes of Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, though she may be a little too indie-chick to catch on with a mainstream American audience.

Florence & The Machine - Kiss With A Fist [download or die]

Buy Lungs from
Florence & The Machines' website/myspace

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A post-birthday mix

These United States

It's easy to forget that Washington, DC is technically a southern city, but These United States country/folk rock sound is a poignant reminder of the fact. The band is one of DC's more successful recent exports, and their new album Everything Touches Everything (to be released September 1) is likely to give them a truly national fanbase. I know I can relate to the idea behind "I Want You To Keep Everything," that sense that someone should benefit from a necessary split.

These United States - I Want You To Keep Everything [highly rec'd!]
These United States - The Secret Door

These United States' website/myspace

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The Octopus Project, "Golden Beds" EP

The Octopus Project - Wet Gold

Two years after the release of Hello, Avalanche, The Octopus Project is back with new music, and this song signals a more subtle approach to electro-pop from the band. The Golden Beds EP will be released on July 28.

Buy The Golden Beds EP from the band
The Octopus Project's website/myspace


Boston hipster-tracking

Thanks to Ryan's Smashing Life for the heads up!


I can't wait!

Two Hours Traffic "Territory"

Anyone who's been reading this blog for a while knows that two summers ago I was more than a little bit obsessed with a Canadian band by the name of Two Hours Traffic, who had just released their debut album Little Jabs. Well, they're back! "Territory" is the first leaked track from their upcoming album of the same name, to be released in September. I'm glad to know the band hasn't lost their ability to create catchy pop numbers.

Two Hours Traffic - Territory [download or die!]

from Little Jabs:
Two Hours Traffic - Heroes of the Sidewalk [download or die!]

Territory Tracklisting:
1. Noisemaker
2. Wicked Side
3. Territory
4. Weightless One
5. Painted Halo
6. Just Listen
7. Drop Alcohol
8. Monster Closet
9. Lost Boys
10. Happiness Burns
11. Sing A Little Hymn

Two Hours Traffic's website/myspace

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Fruit Bats: "My Unusual Friend"

I have a sweet spot for Fruit Bats, I must admit. Even envisaging a new album puts me in mind of cloud-watching, xylophones and ukuleles, daisy chains, eating delicious frozen yogurt of the Mr. Yogato variety. "My Unusual Friend" loses a little of the lo-fi twee feel, but substitutes it with an undeniable piano-pop sound and a few more power chords than usual.

The Ruminant Band is set for an August 4 release, and Fruit Bats are touring this fall.

[all are highly rec'd!]
Fruit Bats - My Unusual Friend

Fruit Bats - Lives of Crime
Fruit Bats - Rainbow Sign

Fruit Bats' website/myspace/at SubPop

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Beautiful Small Machines

It don't think I've heard as cute of a debut EP as The Robots in Love EP in a while. But Beautiful Small Machines aren't exactly indie music rookies: the duo is Bree Sharp and Don DiLego. Bree Sharp has had some hits in her time; I was a bit enamored with her 2006 album More B.S. Fans of The Submarines and Mates of State are likely to get hooked on this great electro-pop. Stream the EP here.

Beautiful Small Machines -Counting Back To 1
Beautiful Small Machines - Superconductor

And just in case you haven't heard Bree Sharp, this cover is brilliant:
Bree Sharp - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright (cover)

Buy The Robots in Love EP from CDBaby (also on iTunes)
Beautiful Small Machines' myspace

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new Sondre Lerche album!

Sondre Lerche: Heartbeat Radio

Sondre Lerche's upcoming release, out September 8, has me super excited. I had a bit of a love affair with Two-Way Monologue (2004), and enjoyed the two albums he's released since then. So far the only hint we have of what the album sounds like is a track Stereogum has up for streaming, but I'm sure there'll be more as we get closer to the release date. Also importantly, information about an upcoming tour is up, and Sondre Lerche is coming to both DC and Cleveland.

The tracklisting:
1. Good Luck
2. Heartbeat Radio
3. I Cannot Let You Go
4. Like Lazenby
5. If Only
6. Pioneer
7. Easy to Persuade
8. Words and Music
9. I Guess it's Gonna Rain Today
10. Almighty Moon
11. Don't Look Now
12. Goodnight

Older tracks:
Sondre Lerche - Say It All
Sondre Lerche - Sleep on Needles

Sondre Lerche's website/myspace

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Jenny Lewis is a Bond girl! (but better)

...sort of. Watch and all will be illuminated. Also, does anyone know if that's Laura Burhenn (formerly Georgie James) or Blake Hazard (The Submarines) in the video?

Jenny Lewis "See Fernando" from Team G on Vimeo.

Jenny Lewis - See Fernando [highly rec'd!]

Buy Acid Tongue from Insound
Jenny Lewis' website/myspace

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How To Talk Like A Politician

Presented by The Full Ginsberg:

Thanks to FamousDC for the heads up!

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Jersey Kids!

I got an e-mail all the way back in May from the lead singer of The Static Jacks, a band from (if you couldn't guess from the title) New Jersey, only the 2nd greatest state in the Union.* Anyhow, their songs are super catchy and good for dancing too. Like these two:

The Static Jacks - Stay A Lover [highly rec'd]
The Static Jacks - Wine Cellar

Buy Bridges and Tunnels from (also eMusic and iTunes)
The Static Jacks' website/myspace

*Virginia being, by far, the greatest state in the Union.

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I Love Sundays

Much to my surprise and delight, this year's 4th of July was a remarkably idiot-free experience. Even the metro was relatively uncrowded (by which I mean, not as bad as rush hour on a weekday). Though someone thought it would be a good idea to put sparklers near the Tenleytown metro - I have no idea what they were thinking.

On a related note, having Friday off was excellent. A friend and I managed to unintentionally walk about eight miles zigzagging between Wisconsin Ave. and Connecticut Ave. up and down NW DC, even making it to Politics and Prose, my favorite independent bookstore in DC.

Things that make Sundays great:
On the downside:
  • I only realized a few weeks ago (being back for the summer) that Murky Coffee in Arlington closed. I heard rumors about health code violations, but their website cites the high rent, which makes a ton more sense. On one hand, I can no longer spend my Sundays there drinking iced coffee and making use of their wifi. On the other hand, I won't miss the snobbery.
So, a Mini-Mix:
Beulah - Sunday Under Glass
Oh No! Oh My! - Walk in the Park
Spoon - In The City
The White Stripes - We're Going To Be Friends
Bishop Allen - Tea for Two
The Kinks - Till The End of the Day

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In DC This Month (July 2009 edition)

July 3 - No Second Troy @ Iota
July 6 - Bowerbirds, Vandaveer @ The Black Cat**
July 8 - Wilco, Connor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band
July 10 - Handsome Furs @ The Black Cat
July 20 - Magnolia Electric Co. @ The Black Cat
July 23 - Benjy Ferree @ Fort Reno**
July 23 - Paolo Nutini @ 9:30 Club
July 25 - Extra Golden @ The Black Cat
July 28 - Destroyer @ The Black Cat
July 28 - Illinois @ DC9
July 29 - Fleet Foxes @ The Black Cat (SOLD OUT)
July 30 - M. Ward @ 9:30 Club**
July 30 - Jennifer O'Connor @ Iota

**I'm going, let me know if you are too!


Fanfarlo for $1 !!!

...must. blog. about. Farfarlo. before. July. 4...

I'm a bit in love with these british kids lately, who released their debut album, Reservoir, this year (in May, I think). Anyhow, you can still download their album for $1 until July 4th, so get to it! Fans of Beirut are sure to like these guys, and I'm not even much of a Beirut fan and I love 'em to!

Fanfarlo - Finish Line [highly rec'd!]
Fanfarlo - The Walls Are Coming Down [highly rec'd!]

Buy Reservoir from the band (if the whole $1 thing doesn't appeal to you)
Fanfarlo's website/myspace

Fanfarlo "Finish Line" music video

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