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So many bands, so small a budget.........

Some Fall/Winter Concerts Coming to DC

Bright Eyes on 11/18 @ Constitution Hall for $25

  • I was converted after buying "I'm wide awake, it's morning" Bright Eyes would be Bob Dylan reincarnated were Bob Dylan not still alive and plaguing all those who care to listen with his steadily declining voice. That is both a high compliment and a horrible insult. But I now officially not just love, but luuuv Bright Eyes. Though I still hold that I, along with those other hopeless fools who listen to Bright Eyes and catch themselves humming "At the Bottom of Everything" despite the fact that whether Colin Oberst sings more than one actual note (along with it's flat and sharp cousins) is questionable... oops, I lost the point of the sentence there. So I, along with all those other music snobs who write in run-on sentences when left unchecked, may or may not like Bright Eyes because it's good music or just because... it's different. And it kind of reminds me of Bob Dylan. Despite my jesting, I really do like Bright Eyes and am now debating where I should fork over $25 for a place in the t00-big-for-an-intimate-concert Constitution Hall.

Brendan Benson on 9/29 @ the Black Cat for $12

  • Still thinking 'bout this one.......

Say Hi To Your Mom on 10/4 @ Black Cat for $13

  • Say hi to your mom. I have to admit, I've gotten made fun of a lot for my professed love (not luvvv, mind you) of this band. And despite some awesome songs like "Let's Talk About Spaceships" and "Super" they tend to flirt with that deceptive line between irony and meaninglessness.

Carbon Leaf on 9/7 @ 9:30 Club for $15

  • I am so pleased to hear that Carbon Leaf, with its ever-growing popularity in the DC area (it's gotten radio time!) has not hooked up with some bigger irish band like Great Big Sea or Dropkick Murphys so I am forced to suffer quietly while ticket prices go up up up and Carbon Leaf's time on-stage goes down down down. Yay for the 9:30 club, with their standard $15 tickets!

Sufjan Stevens on 9/27 @ 9:30 Club for $15

Decemberists on 10/2 @ 9:30 Club for $18

  • I'm glad to see their heads have swelled after playing at lollapalooza. Weren't tickets for the Decemberists' show last year $10???

And....the important part.......
Guess who's NOT NO NEVER coming to DC???????

****rips out hair*****

BELLE AND SEBASTIAN!!!!!!! that lovable Scottish 7-some group just hasn't been the same since they started pursuing their pet projects (which include the notably bland Snow Patrol). And the album they just let out......a compilation of their EPs! My only hope is that like those magnificient bands who have come before them, their respite will be brief and only lead to better things. Probably not, though.

One more time for good measure:


Whoopy! I got a blog!

The title says most of it. I can officially claim to have tapped into the currents of fad. I have a blog.
So... my mission statement. As a humble political junkie (still in school for a couple more years) who's read many if not all of the classics along with several other blogs and The Washington Post every day but does not have her television constantly tuned to CNN or CSPAN, I will attempt to cover those things going on the DC area (as a born and raised local) that amuse or excite me. This may include what bands are coming to play, events I go to, general trends, whatever comes up at the moment. Lots of links to come, but none for this post. Sorry.

E-mail and Submission Policy

I put up this post in June 2007 when I realized that I really liked some of the submissions that had been sitting in my e-mail inbox for months...and that I had never gotten around to posting on most of them. Since then I've (hopefully) improved my system for dealing with the growing number of submissions TGH gets these days.

Though I greatly enjoy listening to music submissions and try my best to listen to absolutely everything I get, when you send music to me there are no guarantees that I'll post on it. Generally the rule of thumb is pretty simple: if I like your music, I'll post on it.

(#1) goes for all e-mails, by the way.

If you're a promotions person and simply want to put me on your e-mail list, just send me an e-mail at the glorious hum (at) gmail (dot) com. (Admittedly, I'd greatly appreciate it if you you promo people asked if I want to be on your mass e-mail list, but since that has yet to happen...) If you want to send me something in the e-mail ( attachment?), scroll down and look at the instructions at the bottom of this post.

For bands and artists: The suggestions (below) I'm posting are just that, suggestions, and not instructions. Do what works for you. I think these suggestions are fairly straightforward and they're there to make sure I'll read your e-mail, listen to what you send me, and post on your music (assuming I like it). In my experience most people do what I'm suggesting without me ever telling them to. I decided to put up these suggestions because I was concerned about leveling the playing field between artists and bands with good promotions people and artists and bands (also their fans) who may be less experienced in dealing with bloggers, but whose music I may like just as much.

If you have a blog (even better, a blog post) you want me to check out, you should also feel free to e-mail me and I'll probably add your feed to my RSS reader. Same goes if you just want to chat or exchange music recommendations, but is also good for this kind of thing. Please don't ask for a link exchange. If I (a) know your blog exists and (b) like it, I'll link to it. So there.

theglorioushum (at) gmail (dot) com

There are some ways to ensure that I'll post on your band (assuming I like your music) or get back to you in a timely manner:

(#1) Don't get labeled as spam.
This is pretty easy, but mentioning the name of your band, EP, album, record label, etc. in the title is helpful. Also, the subject line probably shouldn't be "picture" or "photo." More descriptive subject line = less likely to be labeled as spam.

(#2) Easy access to mp3s or albums. (This is critical)
DO: Link to an mp3 in the e-mail.
DON'T: Attach an mp3 to an e-mail (unless we've already corresponded and I've given you the go-ahead).
DO: Send me to your press page, myspace, or another website where you have downloadable music.
DON'T: Send me to someplace where I can only stream music unless you've also directed me to at least one mp3 I can download. If you're promoting an upcoming release (EP or album), then an older mp3, a live version of a song (in the form of an mp3 or YouTube video), a demo, or a streaming widget/file (make sure to give me instructions) is fine.
DO: Make it really, really easy for me to get track information about the mp3s you send me. How do you go about doing this? Include artist and the title of the song in the file name. It works, I promise!

See my mailing information at the bottom.

(#3) Who sends me the e-mail?
If you, the band member (not a promotions person or record company), are the one sending me the e-mail then say so - I'm much more likely to make listening to your music and posting about you a top priority.
This doesn't mean I'm not glad to get e-mails from promotions people, but when it's your own music that you're sending to me it's a more personal request and I take it a lot more seriously.

(#4) Tell me about yourself
So many submissions I get tell me absolutely nothing about the band - looking up information or asking for it isn't a problem for me, but more information is helpful when I'm writing a post.

I'm glad to hear your life story, how your band got started - all of this is helpful. I can't tell you how to describe yourself and your music, so that's really up to you - but attempting to label yourself with a genre is a generally good idea. The questions below are questions whose answers I personally like to know in addition to any other information you give me. Though if more people answered the line-up question, that would be nice.

** = If the answer to this question is yes then I will listen to you OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN until my brain hurts. That's a promise.

Is this your
**first EP** or album? Your second? Your third? Did you just get signed to a label? What label? Are you trying to get signed to a label? Did you just change labels? Is this all irrelevant because you're still operating out of your garage/basement? You're still working your day jobs, right?

Where are you from?
**Are you from DC? somewhere in Virginia? Ohio? Do you live in DC or VA?** Are you playing near me (DC, VA, OH, pick one) anytime soon, or have you in the past? What venue? **Are you playing in the DC area or at Oberlin College in the near future?** Who have you toured with? **You haven't been able to go on tour?**

What kind of music do you play? What/who do you sound like?
(Note: I'm a little sick of promotions people - not the bands, mind you - telling me that the artist in question has been compared to Nick Drake when they really sound more like Neutral Milk Hotel, for example. The most common problem with e-mails from bands is that the person writing the e-mail goes on about the philosophical reasoning for their approach to making and playing their music, which is nice, but usually not particularly helpful (please, prove me wrong!). DO: Tell me the nitty gritty details about how the band/artist got started and became awesome, how you went about writing and recording your most recent release, etc.)

What does your band's line-up look like? (names, instruments, etc. - who writes your songs? the lead singer? the bassist?) Should I have heard of some of your band members before? How did the band form?
Is there anything interesting/unique about how/why you make your music? Tell me!

(#5) Other stuff:

Do you want to send me something in the mail?

Disclaimer: I'm no good at dealing with CDs I get in the mail and strongly prefer being sent digital files, because I know personally how much money, time and effort goes into mailing me music when there's no guarantee I'll get it or listen to it. So, if possible, go digital.

However, I do have a mailing address during the school year (from September until May) that I'll give you if you ask for it in an e-mail. During the summer I tend to move around a lot, so this isn't such a good idea. Update: As of July 23, 2009, I have a summer address, but I'd rather not give it out. Go digital, or wait until the fall.

Do you want to invite me to a concert (bands and promotions people)?

Then e-mail me.

The Brains Behind The Burning Bush

No, this is not a post about Karl Rove. :) Or Moses. I'm simply a redhead.
In case you didn't notice, there's some more information on the sidebar as well.

If you'd like to get into contact with me (Kate), ask questions, or submit music, you should be reading this instead.
Additionally, should you have the urge to criticize my writing, mock my poor grammar, typos, whatever - I highly encourage you do so, being a lover of criticism. Write a comment on the offending post or shoot me an e-mail at theglorioushum (at) gmail (dot) com.


The Glorious Hum was created in 2005 by a awkward un-hipster-like girl named Kate who needed to let off some steam. Intended initially as a Politics and general ramblings sort of blog, by 2006 it had morphed into something else entirely. Almost immediately after seeing Belle and Sebastian in concert for the first time in March 2006, Kate began to write about music on TGH more so than before. To her surprise, people actually started to read the darn thing.

After arriving at Oberlin College in the Fall of 2006, Kate decided to quit the blog in exchange for exploration into non-indie music and, more importantly, a social life. By February of 2007 personal circumstances and an enduring love of music caused her to return to the blog with a newfound appreciation for exactly how awesome writing about music really is.

READ (and download) WHAT YOU'VE MISSED
Album Reviews
-Artist Profiles-
*Song Pieces*
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DC Street Cred
Swedes Will Take Over The Earth

*These are more or less my favorite posts - each one is an attempt to dissect why it is that I like a particular song.*
-This isn't complete, not even a tiny bit. I'm still going back through my old posts (still as recent as August) and adding this label.-

Some Really F***ing Long Posts:
Stuart Murdoch's Birthday
We The President Candidates 2008 (2007)
Celebrating 19 Years of Bad Music (2007)
If You Missed It, Fix It: The Midyear Edition (2007)
Interview with Bishop Allen's Justin Rice (2007)

MP3's are here for sampling purposes only (so please don't steal my bandwidth by linking directly to song files).

If you are an artist or label and want an MP3 taken down, send an e-mail to:
theglorioushum (at) gmail (dot) com
and the file will be down ASAP.

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Contact Information

Want to
...Submit music?
...Ask questions?
...Write for The Glorious Hum?

E-mail me (Kate) at
theglorioushum (at) gmail (dot) com

Some suggestions and notes regarding submissions (and other requests) can be found here.
About The Glorious Hum.


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