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Belle and Sebastian's Latenighttales

...I bought it yesterday in Georgetown, and finally listened to it at about 12 am last night.
I had no idea what to expect from Belle and Sebastian, and what I found was an eclectic mix of rare soul, rap, big band, R&B, and jazz tracks, with some Johnny Cash, Stereolab, and Big Star thrown in for fun. Having not heard most of the tracks before, I had time figuring out where the original song ended and the remix began. At least I can tell on "Ring of Fire." I though I'd post "Ring of Fire" and two of my other favorites in the hope that someone will buy it.

the Peddlers - On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (Belle and Sebastian remix)

Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire
Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire (Belle and Sebastian Remix)

Buy Belle and Sebastian's LateNightTales ...on Amazon

Random Comment of the Day - Murky Coffee has been playing some great music today...


Why I fail at posting / Kate Rusby

Things are really crazy right now - I'm living with a friend.....who has a very secure wireless connection, and I haven't had the time or energy to get myself properly hooked up. Meanwhile, my family is moving and my work schedule sucks. Reason enough?

For now, may I introduce you to Kate Rusby, who writes and records modern celtic folk music with her gently lilting voice and guitar. Every song of hers feels like the soundtrack for a drive through the countryside, ideally the Irish countryside, but the Blue Ridge Mountains are the closest I get...

Kate Rusby - Wandering Soul

On Wikipedia...because I've been having problems with her website
Buy "The Girl Who Couldn't Fly" on emusic

all those newsie people...

  • Avril Lavigne got hitched, and still refuses to stop making bad music. And is trying to start an acting career. Save me.
  • NPR is webcasting a concert tommorow, with a line-up that includes Josh Ritter (who went to OBERLIN!!!!), Citizen Cope, Steve Wynn, and others....and I'm thinking it'll be available for download. Josh Ritter goes onstage (and online) at 5:05 pm eastern time.
  • Tom Verlaine's, Television's lead singer and guitarist, new solo album...reviewed and previewed on NPR
  • Bright Eyes aka Conor Oberst has a new album of B-sides and rarities coming out.....I wonder what he was thinking, "If Belle and Sebastian can do it, I can do it?" or "If Sufjan can do it, I can do it?"....NO, SORRY. I've heard every song on this album already and there are only 2 good songs: Spent on Rainy Days and Drunk Kid Catholic. And there they are. No reason to buy the album now.
  • NEW DECEMBERISTS ALBUM! Pop Tarts Suck Toasted has the tracklist and tour dates
  • Zach Braff (think Garden State) has posted the tracklisting for the soundtrack to Last Kiss. Is it the Garden State soundtrack? I thinking the Coldplay track kills that...

I know I've said this before, but....

....I love "Your Band Sucks". Though the quotes make it seem ironic, but really, Thorpe thinks everyone's band does suck. So.....

More Recently....

"Answer the age old question: Beatles or Stones?
'Dr.' David Thorpe: I’d hand it to the Beatles, because two of them had the dignity and self-respect to die. Brian Jones died too, of course, but he forfeited all his dignity points by starting to suck in his prime.

If animals (humans don't count in this case) could play music, what species do you think would have the most talent and why? What about ambition, longevity, or failures?
'Dr.' David Thorpe: Whales are supposed to be pretty damn smart, but A) smart people don’t have a history of making great music and B) we’ve all heard whale songs and they suck, unless you’re into new age bullshit. I’d give it to Raccoons, because they have all the hallmarks of a great rock band: they come from working-class backgrounds, they’re not afraid to get down and dirty, they have an awesome gimmick (wearing masks), and they’re cute as heck. They’ve also got those little hands, so they could probably play guitars. As for ambition, I’d give it to dogs. They’re eager to please and desperate for love, so for a dog, getting famous would be the best thing ever. I’d hand it to tortoises for longevity, since they live a hundred years but manage to stay hip pretty much the whole time. Elephants would be total failures because they simply don’t have the disposition for rock and roll. Sorry, Babar, maybe you could work in promotion or something."

...It even gets better.

Jorge Drexler

Recently I've been reading a biography of Pablo Neruda, and somehow got into the train of thought about who his musical equivalent would be. The closest I've come so far is: Jorge Drexler. (his website)
In 2004 he won the Academy Award for Best Song for "Al Otro Lado Del Rio," and, thank goodness, he has a new album coming out in September. His music is disarming in its simplicity - all of his music is, like his song, only Guitar y vos. It's intelligence is stunning - Todo se transforma, for example, deals with scientific processes, while remaining essentially sensual. The chorus, translated into English, reads: "Each thing gives what it receives / and then receives what it gave / Nothing is simpler / There's no other norm / Nothing is lost / Everything transforms."
Seriously, check this guy out.

From Eco (buy)
Jorge Drexler - Al Otro Lado Del Rio
Jorge Drexler - La Edad Del Cielo
From Frontera (buy)
Jorge Drexler - Todo se transforma


It's Woody Guthrie's birthday!

Woody Guthrie may have died in 1967, but his influence still lives on. He was a major idol of Bob Dylan's, who in turn changed pop music, making it personal and poetic and influencing others to do the same.
Woody Guthrie is probably most famous for "This Land is Your Land," but I thought I'd include another favorite of mine...and of course, Bob Dylan's tribute to him.

Woody Guthrie - This Land is Your Land
Woody Guthrie - Better World A-Comin'

Bob Dylan - Song to Woody

Oh instruments! Part 1: Let's hear that string part again

Yes, I got the title from the Sufjan song (...because I don't think they heard it all the way out in Bushnell)

As someone who looks for instrumentation beyond the standard guitar, base, and drums in my ideal rock/pop/indie/whateva' band, I thought I'd start a series honoring the power of songs that involve a wider range of instruments. Sufjan, being the master of this, seemed an obvious person to reference in the title of Part 1.

Sitar: The Beatles - Norwegian Wood
This song came out of George Harrison's obsession with the sitar and Eastern religions in general. According to Wikipedia, this was the first popular Western pop track to include the sitar. Cool, huh?
On a more personal note: I remember when I went through a re-discovering of the Beatles in my early teens, I really listened to the song for the first time, and was thrown of by how, after about four measures of 3/4 with the guitar, this very Eastern instrument, the sitar, comes into the song called, ironically, NORWEGIAN Wood?

Cello: Badly Drawn Boy - the Shining
I'm sure this isn't the first time I've posted this track, because it's one of my favorites...and not just for the Cello, but the beautiful French Horn part in the introduction. And slowly, but surely, the guitar and vocals begin...

Electric Violin: Islands - Rough Gem
the Violins and Base begin the song, and unexpectly, out of nowhere, the three pluck notes just jump right in. Pure joy. And the violins are played by cute Asian guys?

One very small orchestra:
Belle and Sebastian - Take Your Carraige Clock and Shove It
Sufjan"had to include him, he hasn't found a string instrument he doesn't like yet"Stevens - Chicago
Camera Obscura - Come Back Margaret

If there's a notable song I haven't included in this post, tell me what it is!
P.S. - I'm back....


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