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He's not dead yet!

Why do political bloggers all want to write John McCain's campaign obituary? At least Michelle Malkin is honest about it.

The Story: He only raised $11.2 million this quarter, he's got just about $2 million in his pocket, and only 72,000 donors, total. His campaign won't say why his spending has been so high.

So McCain is pandering. He doesn't care about medical marijuana. So what? Leave the man alone. You all loved McCain in 2000 when he was running against GWB the dumbass (being the fair-weather friends you are) and now he's in a tough spot and you - all of you - abandon him (except for Josh Marshall). Give an old man a dollar.

Let's think, reasons not to hate on John McCain:

(1) He's not a fascist-in-waiting. For that we have Rudy Giuliani. Not to mention that, unlike Giuliani, McCain actually has a position on Iraq (a flawed one, but at least he doesn't dodge the biggest issue of the campaign constantly).

(2) He's not such a huge flip-flopper that ESPN commentators can make a random joke about it. For that we have Mitt Romney.

(3) Hello? Does anyone remember that he's been everyone's favorite bipartisan senator for 20-or-so years now? See My 2008 Manifesto.

(4) The Democrats are going to win anyways.
Clarification: Political bloggers don't like to mention this fact because it takes away from the dramatic quality of the campaign, but the only two-term presidents to be followed by someone from their own party were extraordinarily popular, and Bush is not.

...wait, I finally figured out why the bloggers are waiting for McCain campaign to die...polls in the early primary/caucus states show McCain's not doing so bad.

So whenever George Bush reads something it seems to be a big deal, because I always hear about it. Currently it's a Winston Churchill biography by Lynne Olson, who had an editorial in the Washington Post yesterday just in case Bush thinks he's Churchill. Sorry GWB, you're Neville Chamberlain. Our favorite lame duck also invited historians and authors to the White House to tell him all about his potential legacy, and Kos thinks the Washington Post story is pretty funny.

Jenny Lewis introduces a new kind of music video: the indie porn flick.

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