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Jan/Feb/Mar concert round-up so far

Carbon Leaf @ 9:30 is now very very sold out.

1/21 - Cake and Tegan & Sara @ 9:30 club
- it's really all about Tegan & Sara, who kick some serious ass
1/28 - Deerhoof w/ others @ Black Cat
2/9 - Feist, who's awesome in concert @ Black Cat
2/12 - Supergrass @ 9:30 club (not on the website yet)
2/23 - Cary know, from the everybody-has-it Garden State soundtrack? @ 9:30 (not on the website yet)
2/24 - Stars, who I really HAVE TO see since DCFC (who they were touring w/) sold out like crazy @ Black Cat AHHH I HAVE TO SEE THEM.
3/9 - METRIC!!! @ 9:30 AHHHH (not on the website yet)

John Spencer?!?!

He died?
He died!
No.... He was so awesome, and who's going to be Matt Santos' VP now?
***Leo McGarry forever***


For the full list of nominees....NOTE: I will ignore the existence of Kanye West and Mariah Carey and others in that mold when making comments. Feel free to skim, as long as you don't ignore the important part(s) in bold.
  • Of course, Green Day is on the record of the year list, and U2 is on the album of the year list. The alternatives for rock fans to support are, of course, Gorillaz and Paul McCartney, respectively. GO U2!!!!
  • On song of the year, it's Bruce Springsteen's "Devils and Dust" or U2's "Sometimes you can't make it on your own"
  • Fall Out Boy and Keane are listed under best new artist....Fall Out Boy has now proved that a diverse screaming 12-year-old girl (or younger, i.e. my 9-year-old sister) to grungy 21-year-old guy (or older) fanbase does get you somewhere... hmm...
  • The Best Male Pop Vocal Performance is def one of my favorite lists, with JACK JOHNSON!, Paul McCartney, Seal, Rob Thomas, and Stevie Wonder...all respectable souls
  • Did I mention that I hope the Killers are fuming right now? They got listed under pop performance by group or duo! though with Maroon 5 and the White Stripes (and the Black Eyed Peas and Los Lonely Boys, if that's your thing)
  • All the best solo rock performance nomination went to old guys. typical. not that they're not worth admiring...
  • The best rock performance by group with vocal nominees list is pretty obvious; Speed of Sound, Best of You, Do You Want To, All These Things That I've Done, and Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own..... like I said
  • The Best Rock Song and Best Rock Album Categories are worth noting, because it's Coldplay vs. U2, the imitator vs. the imitated. Also in the Best Rock Song category: Bruce Springsteen, Weezer (go WEEZER!!!), and Foo Fighters. Also in the Best Rock Album Category: Foo Fighters (again), The Rolling Stones (at least one Wooden ex will be happy), and Neil Young. Essentially the same people, just a Neil Young and Weezer switch-up.

Mariah Carey gets A LOT of nominations.....

a tribute to John Lennon.....

also, the recent Bob Dylan and Ramones bios got on the long video list.....

Snow day!

Finally, no school.
Time to drink hot chocolate and throw snowballs.......
(did i mention the snow dance rules?)

The Snow Dance

Do it!
Instructions: Without your pajamas inside out, go outside and spin around 4 times while touching your nose and looking up to the sky.

You have no excuse for ignorance.

APS pretends snow doesn't exist.

School openings and delays. vs Arlington.
why why why are we ALWAYS open????
along, of course, with DC public schools, the Federal Gov't, Falls Church, and Alexandria.

so...possible conclusions
  • The snow fairy hates us
  • The superintendent hates us and/or snow and/or never got snow days off from school as a child and is bitter and making us suffer
  • not enough people did the SNOW DANCE

From now on wear your pajamas INSIDE OUT. and do the snow dance! The ice cube is neccesary, as is the being outside part! No skimping!


Did I mention I got into Guilford Early Action? 1 Safety down. 1 more Safety and 5-non safeties to go. Though I still have to apply for the honors program to get más dinero. $$$ **ching!**


among the many things I love about Belle and Sebastian is the fact that I can abbreviate the band's name as B&S.
Did I mention they're coming out with a new album Feb 6 and will be touring the U.S. in the spring? (sorry, I've known this for a month now and have been keeping it to myself until I realized i'll get advance notice when tickets are available anyways)

My response:


I'll do a round-up of concerts for Jan/Feb in a few weeks, I'm pretty sure.
Also, the song list for the new album is on B&S's website.

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