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changed the coding a bit

I got site meter, and as I had been previously told, the amount of information it gives is creepy. Though site meter thinks I'm in Reston, VA, which is HIGH-larious.
Meanwhile, I slept in till 11 this morning (a rare feat for me, as I'm usually up at 8:3o on weekends, but two nights of staying out till 2 does that to you), and when I got up decided I was going to replace a guitar string and fiddle with the coding. As a result, you can now see my political leanings on the sidebar, my description of the site changed a bit, and I switched my T.S. Eliot quote to a Simon and Garfunkel (musical gods as Eliot is a poetic god, mind you) quote. I feel that I should add that I posted twice (see below), though neither post is in any way deep or original. So yes, that was my Sunday. Oh, and I read the Witch's Boy cover to cover (for TAB), which made my mother rather cross. The book was good, but not amazingly so. Yup, that's it, I'm going back to scheduling overnights at colleges now.

The Sunday Paper: Oscars and other galore

  • The Post's takes on who's going to win the biggies in awards (take 1, take 2): In summary, Capote wins.
  • The political concerns of this year's Oscar list
  • About the Oscar-nominated music...from NPR. But WAIT, there's more

My only concern: Howl's Moving Castle had BETTER win the best animated feature film. Seeing as I don't pretend to know anything about movies...


  • Funny metro stories
  • Statistics show that I'm unlikely to drop out of school. Why and how other people do.

Music Updates...among other things

  • To put it positively, even after all these years the Sex Pistols still haven't lost their spark. To put it not so nicely, even after all these years the Sex Pistols still haven't gotten over themselves. First they say that Green Day is an insult to punk music, then they bash the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Favorite Quote: "Next to the Sex Pistols, rock and roll and that hall of fame is a piss stain. Your museum. Urine in wine...Outside the shit-stream is a real Sex Pistol."

  • Slate published a display of photographs labelled "Gay in America" that I find very poignant and touching.
  • The Yeah Yeah Yeahs announced tour dates

Back to Billy Joe's new look...this one's working for him
Bob Dylan is going on tour to promote No Direction Home...and not coming anywhere near DC
A Washington Post editorial on how to make teachers' jobs easier sounds like my mother. Dear me.
A former Nazi concentration camp guard's story...questioning the nature of complicity.
I should say, our production Earnest in Love is awesome.

I'm Superman!

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Moving and my lost concept of Home

I really don’t know where to begin. I’ve mentioned in passing here before that I’m moving, but I haven’t really talked about it. The situation is this: my parents sold the house I’ve lived in since I was four to a developer several months or so ago, and we are renting a house in Arlington until after I graduate. By the end of the summer, my parents hope to have moved to a house in Harrisonburg. I’ve spent the past year and a half crying and throwing fits at my parents over the move, something that is highly out of character for me.
What has unsettled me from the beginning more than anything is the fact that the house I grew up in is inevitably going to be knocked down. Beyond my natural love for my home, I’ve always known objectively that it’s a beauty – a spacious old converted-farmhouse with glorious dark hardwood floors, set off from the main road in such a way that it’s very private. The only reason the house is appealing as something to develop rather than sell is that it’s on a plot of land much larger than the house itself, which I know my parents got for a bargain for. Ideally, we could sell it to someone who would actually live in it for a rather high price, especially since it is four blocks from the metro. However, in my parents’ eagerness to sell the house, they didn’t seriously consider trying to work with a realtor because it would take longer and cost more money.
About two or three years ago, my dad, a real estate-obsessed man if there ever was one, fell out of love with our house. First we vacationed in Wilmington so he could look at houses there, then we took numerous trips to Charlottesville. My parents settled on Harrisonburg because it was somewhat rural, didn’t have much traffic, and had a decent-sized Hispanic population in the city. I was initially angry at my parents, then pretended not to take them seriously, then became upset again, and then began to accept that their decision had been made long before I caught on. The move was real to me from when my parents first started chatting with developers (as opposed to my sister, who finally only understood what all of our conversations about moving meant this past week), but only now is it my life.
I’ve spent the past few months thinking about the concept of home extensively, realizing that I’m losing my grasp on it right now. I remember hearing something about Christmas at some point recently (I think on NPR) that struck home (no pun intended) for me in terms of losing my house. The commentator said that Christmas is something your parents create for you as a child and that you lose as you grow up, but then that you create again for your own kids. I fear the same will be true for me with my home. After leaving this house, will any place ever be home to me again in the same way?
After rehearsal, I spent the afternoon cleaning, then sitting in, my empty room with my guitar (for about two hours), later wandering around the other vacant rooms, not wanting to do anything but be in the house while I still could. In my basement, I found myself realizing that what I wanted (since my house wasn’t an option) was a clichéd knight in shining armor to fill the void, to be home for me in the short term, to court me and love me unconditionally. I consider myself to be an independent person, but nonetheless, it was what I wanted. When I realized that I knew why I’d been so drawn to the old David Gray song Babylon so much lately, playing it every weekend night I stayed home on my guitar and singing along.

“Sunday all the lights are shining / London sky is faded – red to blue / Pushing
through the autumn leaves / I’m wondering where it is you might be going to /
Turning back for home / You know, I’m feeling so alone / I can’t believe /
Climbing up the stair I turn around to see you smiling there in front of me”

Frankly, there is no foreseeable knight in shining armor, so I’ll have to manage.

updates of various sorts

Surprisingly, Death Cab For Cutie / Franz Ferdinand tickets @ Constitution Hall still haven't sold out (in pre-sale). I'm being a bit redundant I suppose, but I'm VERY SURPRISED.

more news...
on March 18 - Matt Pond PA @ 9:30 club
Marilyn Manson is directing and starring in a movie based on Lewis Carroll's diaries...ummm...yeah, I'm scared for Lewis Carroll rolling around in his grave right now.

Currently, Blogger isn't letting me add links or I'd put up some...

thoughts on the Life Pursuit

I didn't say anything earlier about the new Belle and Sebastian album, The Life Pursuit, because I wanted to take a few days to absorb it first. Now I have, and here goes:

The Life Pursuit comes as Belle and Sebastian's 8th full album (not including their recent Live album) and, as a result, expectations. It fails to surpass or even meet the intelligence and subtlety of the band's previous albums. The songs are upbeat without being catchy, and vaguely entertaining without being truly funny. In general, the album lacks the underlying cynicism that was so prevalent in Belle and Sebastian's previous works, part of the reason I'm such a huge fan. The songs are contemplative, merely half-formed conclusions set against a fully formed score, as the band uses more instruments than ever on this album (to the point where I wonder if the lack of guitar and piano was purposeful). The album is not as clever as its predecessors in its use of wordplay, though there are occasional moments of insight, such as in "The Blues Are Still Blue":

"When I see my washin' / the Black will be Grey / and the White will be Grey / but the Blues are still Blue"
The album is far more into storytelling than Storytelling, ironically, and rarely makes generalizations, preferring exposition. All this does not mean I am not enjoying the album, but I do find it less satisfying than Belle and Sebastian's previous two albums, which I felt were building to something great. Admittedly, I will have soon committed the album's songs to my mental index of Belle and Sebastian songs, and the album will no longer feel like such an offense. Then, I will be caught going to see Belle and Sebastian with the New Pornographers and even singing the album's songs under my breath. Nonetheless, The Life Pursuit will remain a disappointment.

Rolling Stone review (right on)
Pitchfork review (far too positive as far as I'm concerned)
PopMatters review (on it)
review from 75 or less album reviews (*roars at this one*)
review from Raw.Like.Sashimi (hmmm...)
review from Mercurial Sound (agree with this one completely)
Glorious Noise Review (mixed feelings about this one)

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The Grammys

What a Disappointment.....
The complete list of winners. My initial reaction to the nominations, for reference.
On the categories:
  • Basically, the right people won for Album and Record: U2 and Green Day, respectively
  • In the new artist category: Why not Keane? Why??? Why did it have to be John Legend???
  • I'm sooooo glad Coldplay didn't win anything...X&Y was a pretty junky album. Go U2!!!
  • Go Maroon 5! for winning best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal!
  • The White Stripes won the best Alternative Album, which makes me very very sad. Death Cab For Cutie's Plans was a much deeper and more beautiful album, even though you can't dance to it like you can to Get Behind Me Satan. *roars*

Other Comments: I feel a need to express my dislike of Billy Joe Armstrong's new goth-grunge look. See the old Billy:

Versus the new Billy:

The old Billy was better, though most definitely not hotter.

post-superbowl fallout

  • The Post compares the Stones' mediocrity to former performers at the Superbowl.
  • NY students literally turn their back on Gonzales. Wonkette has the funny part.
  • A Daily Dose reader supports my consideration of how Christians react in situations similar to the Danish cartoon fiasco
  • The New York Times makes an insightful comparison between the current domestic surveillance and a similar incident in 1975. And the arguments haven't changed.
  • Finding out the casting for the Order of the Pheonix...

Two thumbs up for satire (I would put up three...)

wow. talk about AMAZING satire of the Danish cartoon scandal. and there's more!
I think I'm going to start a favorite blogs list that doesn't include the biggies. Yep.

superbowl part 5

Budweiser....I mean the Steelers won. I promise, former girlscout's honor, never to mention either of the teams in the Superbowl by name again on this blog. So it's going to be "that team from Seattle that won" and "that team from Pittsburg that lost." Let's see how interesting this makes things...

superbowl part 4

I gave up on covering individual commercial breaks. So there..

The Rolling Stones....were special. Mick Jagger turned their three-song line-up into a strip show and definitely showed off his midriff but...*giggles* Sorry, he was cracking me up.
Also, I believe his skipping and dancing were a good indication of the long-term effects of drug use. Not the fact that he did them, but the WAY he did them.

superbowl part 3

didn't see all of the commercials because I got a phone call...

Break #6: I'm thinking the whole Pepsi commercial concept is pretty lame and very-expensive looking, considering all the major celebrities they're employing.

superbowl part 2

Thank the Onion for perspective.

3rd break: Bud Light rocks again, but is beaten by FedEx's caveman/dinosaur commercial
4th break: V for Vendetta looks neat. and it has Natalie Portman.
5th break: Bud Light is closely beaten by Alleve due to Spock. Yes, Spock. No! I'm not biased! Really...
I give up. Andrew Sullivan is the guy to go to on the Danish cartoon scandal.
Note Cardinal Ersilio's quote:
"Freedom of the press, including satire, must stop where religious belief begins," said Cardinal Ersilio Tonini, former archbishop of Ravenna ."There should be more respect for religion, whatever religion it is. What has happened over the last few days is an ugly, very ugly sign which should make us think."
from newKerala

superbowl part 1

I'm writing in between commercials. You heard me - in between COMMERCIALS

NPR profiles the referees
How DC is obsessed with the Steelers

on the commercials so far:
Bud Light cracks me up. Burger King attempts to stage a musical. A really bad one.

Why the advertising might be lame...

Danish cartoons

Wow. Since when do Danish cartoons get so much exposure? (on blogs, for starters: here, here, here, here, here, and here...i could post more links...but that's unneccessary). The original cartoon can be found on Wikipedia.
What I find interesting about most commentaries is that they do not consider how Christians in the United States would react if similar cartoons were published, but with Jesus instead of Muhammed. No, the response probably wouldn't be violent, but it would be angry.

Continuing to follow the My Space/Facebook hype...
...the first instance I've found of serious abuse of My Space (link from Drudge).
The reason I say hype is that recently The post, the Connection, the Arlington Sun, and my school's newspaper published a bunch of articles on my space and facebook.
Quotables: "However, are MySpace and Facebook really they claim to be, 'a place for friends,' or are they secret domains for deceiving teenagers?" and (from a different article) "I could comment on the sheer dullness, the fact it seems to exploit voyeuristic tendency or the inane manner of the chatter. But we all know that already."
To be entirely honest, I'm on Facebook but not MySpace. In case anyone wanted to know...
(The pretentious-sounding quote is from my ex-boyfriend. Note the prefix ex and the word pretentious and how I put them in the same sentence. There might be a connection.)


  • (a few days old) - cool NPR story on Tannen's new book on Mother-daughter speak. Her examples sound like me and mom when we're both in bad moods...
  • Wikipedia as tool for spin....hmm. the possibilities.
  • My Stars concert buddy moved back to New Orleans.....besides being sad he's gone, I need a new concert buddy and Stars finally sold out!

ahhhh DCFC tour...

Death Cab for Cutie is going on tour with Franz Ferdinand!!!!
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