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More of 07's best music... determined by other bloggers. Though I was vain enough this year to post my own list, I have inferior collegiate musical taste and grammar, as some of my anonymous comment-leavers like to tell me. Instead, I defer to and will refer you to:
and how could I forget... Largeheartedboy has collected them all.

TGH's Favorite Albums of 2007

Yet another blogger releases a best of '07 list? Unfortunately, this time, it's me.
Here goes:

Armchair Apocrypha
Andrew Bird
After ...& the Mysterious Production of Eggs, my expectations were high for the whistling master and violin virtuoso Andrew Bird to produce another masterpiece. The album's more subdued sense of humor and somewhat darker instrumentation (more electric guitar!) work well with its title and theme...oh yes, the apocalypse. Every time I listen to "Yawny at the Apocalypse" I can feel a shiver run down my spine. At TGH's 2-year anniversary I declared Fiery Crash my favorite song of 2007, and it still holds true.

Andrew Bird - Cataracts

Buy Armchair Apocrypha from

Little Jabs
Two Hours Traffic
Throughout the year I've found myself continually falling in love with this album's playful take on the intersection between pop music and life. I hope you find yourself listening and giggling too. Two Hours Traffic may have begun my (bad) jokes about being addicted to Canadian artists.

Two Hours Traffic - Nighthawks
Buy Little Jabs (directly from the band)

The National
Admittedly, I've spent more time listening to Alligator this year than Boxer, but mostly I've just spent a lot of time with the National. In "Brainy" Matt Berninger sings, "You might need me more than you think you will," and I'd agree: without the National to bring a sad smile into dark places, I think would have lost my mind this year.

The National - Apartment Story
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The Shepherd's Dog
Iron & Wine
This album came as a pleasant surprise. Though he's kept his beard (too bad), Sam Beam is a new man - suddenly he's comfortable with a dramatic piano, guitar solos, and a real drum part... it's crazy! And beautiful...because the man's voice keeps everything in line.

Iron & Wine - The Devil Never Sleeps
Buy the Shepherd's Dog from

The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter
Josh Ritter
Would I miss the opportunity to plug my favorite famous musically-inclined Oberlin alumnus? Never. Josh Ritter, who critics call "the new Bob (Dylan)" produced another prolific album. Beat that, Wesleyan!

Josh Ritter - Open Doors
Buy the Historical Conquests of... from

Page France and the Family Telephone
Page France
There's something in Michael Nau's songs that always manages to strike me unexpectedly, despite their cryptic and often whimsical lyrics and dainty instrumentation. This year I've found myself listening to ...and the Family Telephone on repeat, finding some deeper meaning for which words escape me. Goodness, what a great cop-out.

Page France - Wet Dog Afternoon
Buy ...and the Family Telephone

A Cork Tale Wake
Chris Bathgate
Not only do I love this album, but Chris Bathgate has been one of my favorite discoveries this year. Usually I'm not a fan of music that takes itself too seriously, but Bathgate's talk of life-changing moments and awakenings grabbed me. Not to mention his delicate, beautiful instrumentation.

Chris Bathgate - Serpentine

Buy A Cork Tale Wake

Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
Of Montreal
This album made the list despite my disappointment after seeing them live this year. Why? Because, to state it simply, I was converted to an Of Montreal fan this year entirely because of this album.

Of Montreal - Bunny Ain't No Kind of Rider

Buy Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? from

Peel (self-titled)
I've been dancing to this album's chaotic electro-rock city soundtrack all year and not writing about it on TGH. Shameful? Yes. Catchy? YES.

Peel - Oxford [alt link]
Buy Peel from Peek-A-Boo Records

Heroes and Sheroes
The Eames Era
This album was responsible for filling my ears with female-fronted indie pop all year, and I'm grateful. I think you'll find you are too.

The Eames Era - Could Be Anything
Buy Heroes and Sheroes from Insound

Honorable Mentions:
1990s: Cookies
LCD Soundsystem: Sound of Silver
Pela: Anytown Graffiti
Sea Wolf: Leaves in the River

Not on the list: Bishop Allen. This is because, for me a least, The Broken String didn't really feel like a new release. I listened to the album as though it was the remastered version of 2006's greatest hits...otherwise it would be here.

Coming soon: best songs of 2007.

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