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It's non-music tangent time:

It should be known that I love Dana Milbank, the WP's most wonderfully cheeky columnist. However, I didn't love his article yesterday so much. No, I'm not mad at Dana for making fun of Obama, because I love it he makes fun of politicians.

But this article had a certain problem with journalistic standards. He's not a liar, but he really should have called to check his quotes. I think Media Matters and Comments from Left Field do the best job summing it up.

Some less problematic, more hilarious Dana Milbank columns:
Sorry We Asked, Sorry You Told
Put Your Right Wing In, Take Your Left Wing Out
The D.C. Madam Case, All Sordid Out
To the Loser Go the Spoils

On a related note, I urge you to check out Extra Golden's song Obama, as described by Said the Gramophone.

We Were Pirates

We Were Pirates - The Wolf [highly rec'd!]
(sorry it took so long, the link should work now)

This song is beyond adorable into the realm of adorkable (adorable and dorky at the same time!). We Were Pirates is quite possibly my newest favorite DC area artist, bringing you indie folk pop with a serious dose of cute. Hopefully I'll get the chance to catch Mike Boggs live before the end of the summer (I missed seeing him at Fort Reno).

from NPR: We Were Pirates - Nervous

Buy The Wolf EP from CD Baby
We Were Pirates' Website/Myspace


Listen while the listening's good

Dr. Dog - From

was released earlier this week - whirling off a spindle - and since then I've been listening to it on repeat. It's Dr. Dog's newest album, and it's been getting an awful lot of love. Dr. Dog is five kids from Philly who sound like they're trippin' on something folksy.

Dr. Dog - The Rabbit, The Bat & The Reindeer
[download or...I don't know what, just download this song!]

Buy Fate from Insound
Dr. Dog's website/myspace


The Roots want to take over the world - like Oprah!

The Roots - Rising Up [download or die!]
"You know me and my whole squad we so committed
We not the kids cooling out on the sofa with it

We about to dominate the globe like Oprah did it"
I can’t overstate how much I love the new Roots album. Imagine an album full of only songs at the quality of “The Seed 2.0,” but a good deal more soulful (think Jean Knight, not Betty Davis), and you’ve got Rising Down, released in April. I’m so behind on blogginess.

"Rising Up" music video


The Prairie Spies

The Prairie Spies - Blackout [highly rec'd!]

Their name is a contradiction, but it's only a hint of what will be blasting from you speakers. In "Blackout" the call is "hands up to the light!" The power chords are raw, and so is the energy. I'm vaguely reminded of Eagle*Seagull's blog hit "Your beauty is a knife I turn on my throat," which I have a tendency to put on repeat.

The Prairie Spies will be playing tonight at the Red and Black in DC, so check them out if you can't. If she wasn't bedridden and suffering from a summer cold, a certain blogger you know would be there.

A number of my good Oberlin friends are from West Lafayette, where Purdue is located, so in their honor:

The Prairie Spies - Anthem for Purdue University
The band's website/myspace



Just an FYI: I spent the previous weekend in NYC, and am looking forward to getting back to posting soon.

I don't know how soon...

My knees are cold

Bon Iver - For Emma

Death is sitting, smoking on the corner. The street is his ash tray
the city is his bedside lamp, only he can never completely turn
the electricity off. Lights flicker like a seizure.

Death sings under his breath in a voice indistinct
from the passing of time, in a whishing sound. Every strum
of someone else’s guitar is a day and every time a trumpet plays, a century.

Death believes in eventuality, lulls each living thing
into an eternal dream. He leaves: the smell of cigarette butts
on his breath, a soft puff of smoke in the air.

(Bon Iver, otherwise known as Justin Vernon, released For Emma, Forever Ago in the U.S. this past February. He'll be playing at this year's Pitchfork Music Festival)

Bon Iver - Skinny Love

Buy For Emma, Forever Ago from JagJaguwar
Bon Iver's website/myspace

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Hate on the mainstream news media all you want

You can download a recording of Fleet Foxes' concert at the Black Cat last night, thanks to NPR.

Poll: McCain: The Eagles or Lynyrd Skynyrd? Should Obama's running mate be Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan? Vote on the presidential candidates as rock stars.

Documenting the 2008 campaign in photos: in the Washington Post Magazine and Vanity Fair.

The New Republic: politicians, be afraid of Hollywood - in photos
Slate lets you play: choose a running mate for McCain and Obama.
Vanity Fair: Ms. Clinton's press core deathwatch, reconsidered.
NY Times Magazine: People are still talking about Rush Limbaugh?
The New Yorker: Covert War in Iran = Delicious

It's July, I'm melting.

Technical Problems

I'm having some problems with the display of the blog, so I suggest you refer to my RSS feed instead. Assuming you can read this post.

The Spectacular Blogopticon

Here it is. Thank you, Vanity Fair.

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Cold War Kids new album! (Teaser)

I've finally caught on...

Cold War Kids - We Used to Vacation


MGMT Loves the Hype

I blogged about MGMT when I fell in love with their song "Time To Pretend," and again when I saw them opening for Of Montreal but now ALL the cool kids love 'em (j/k, I definitely picked them up from another hip-blog-ster in '07). However, since they've made such excellent choices of spots to hit on their tour (now they're the ones headlining!), I'm giving them a second shout out.

MGMT - The Youth (album version)

Go see them on July 28th at the 9:30 Club! More tour dates.


Andrew Ripp

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been having trouble finding a wireless connection for my laptop, and have been forced to resort to internet cafes. Anyway, I wrote this post over a week ago, so it doesn't quite reflect my current state of mind. Since then I've cheered up.

Andrew Ripp – It’s All Good
“I’m 50 miles to Chicago
there’s no fight
she don’t care if I’m wrong or right”
He’s a boy with a guitar and a not-yet-god-forsaken dream. What saves this song from the pits of cliché despair (rhyming “merry-go” and “growing old” makes me think of 300, a movie so bad it’s brilliant) is its simplicity. Ripp is so earnestly hopeful it hurts me to think about how pessimistic I’ve been feeling lately.

But I find myself being sucked in anyhow, so I suggest you take my advice and do the download.

Andrew Ripp's myspace

(I hate to refer you to iTunes, but if you go through his myspace that's the best way to get his album)


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