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Murder Mystery

I got Murder Mystery's Are You Ready for the Heartache Cause Here It Comes in the mail about a little over week ago at the worst time possible. I popped it into CD player after having listening to the new Junior Senior album straight through for the 7th time (it was starting to make me a little crazy, like eating too much rich chocolate cake and your mouth starts to feel strange), and my immediate reaction was "Nooo, not more boy-meets-girl music..." I think I'd filled my quota. So I ignored Murder Mystery (not to mention Junior Senior) for a week. I only got it out again yesterday.

When I say boy-meets-girl, I mean early Beatles, The Pipettes (though that's girl-meets-boy, I'd say gender-neutral-person meets gender-neutral-person but that gets a little long), top hits from the 60's. The thing is, Murder Mystery's Jeremy Coleman has a pretty deep voice, kind of like The National's lead singer, or Beck. It makes Murder Mystery's music a little bit unusual, typically the genre requires its singers to either be female or have an effeminate voice, or at least be a tenor.

I'd say check it out just for the novelty. The album's good, but not brilliant. I think Murder Mystery comes off better when you listen to it one track at a time and go "huh, this is a pretty damn good pop song", but maybe I'm still suffering from Junior-Senior-itis.

Let's try YANP's description of another Murder Mystery song:
I picture something like an indie rock episode of Archie and Jughead, where someone makes fun of Interpol for always sounding like New Order, causing the band to nearly come to tears. So the band puts their comically oversized heads together, has a montage where they find some Buddy Holly and Phil Spector records, and comes out with this song, completely shutting up their opponents. Also, there’s some Favourite Sons in there somewhere.
Uh.....maybe the someone could be Patrick Wolf?

Murder Mystery - Think of Me

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