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Bishop Allen, Page France, and the Teeth @ the Black Cat 7-22-07

It's been a long time since I've been to concert where I've been as impressed by the openers as I was at the Bishop Allen show on Sunday. Right now the only comparable example I can think of is when I saw Islands open for Metric 2 years ago and I was so completely blown away by Islands that Metric seemed a bit disappointing by comparison. Though, as always, Bishop Allen were great, but the blown-away factor already happened the first time I saw them; every show after the first time you see a band live is a little like listening a favorite song on repeat. Jason (who's been guest-blogging lately) was going to come too, but had a car crisis and ditched us at the last minute. I went with an Oberlin friend and we still had a great time.
Bishop Allen, Page France, and the Teeth will be touring together for the next month, more dates here.

The Teeth put on one of the most energetic nothing-but-Rock-&-Roll shows I've seen in a while, with Peter & Aaron (I think) sharing vocals and much crazy dancing and instrument-playing. The band's drummer seemed to be hanging out in the back thinking to himself, "yeah, I'm the non-nut in this band." If you're seeing BA in the near future, don't be one of those jerks who misses the opening bands, because missing the Teeth when you've already paid for that ticket is a crime. Now I have to spend money to buy their album, damn it. I'm going to go broke soon.
(I didn't take very many photos of the Teeth, and all the ones I took were pretty bad, the photo is from their myspace)

The Teeth - Shoulderblade

The Teeth - It's Not Funny
Buy You're My Lover Now (released in May)
The Teeth's Website/Myspace
Some older live sets from the Teeth here and here, which are available for download
Page France were up next in their full cuteness, though I might be talking specifically about Michael Nau, with his chirpy voice and all. Their live sound rocked way more than I expected, I was the kid obnoxiously dancing on the far right of the stage. Not to mention that I made an exception to my dislike of that one random girl that lots of indie pop bands seem to have (who inevitably wears the best of female hipster dress, sings, and plays keyboard, the xylophone, maybe a tambourine or maracas) for Whitney McGraw, who was great and actually needed to be there. I wouldn't mention this, except I might be implying something about a different band. Tell me if you figure it out.
(Please credit me for the photo if you use it)

Page France - Here's A Telephone

Repost: Page France - The Ruby Ring Man

Buy ...and the Family Telephone
Page France's Website/Myspace
Up next was Bishop Allen. I had to leave a bit early (all I missed was a Creedence Clearwater Revival cover, I've been told) to catch the metro before it closed, so I didn't have to the chance to steal a copy of the set list. As usual, Bishop Allen put on a great show. Much of the audience didn't seem very familiar with this year's EPs, and "Choose Again" from the Broken String was greeted by relative quiet, possibly surprise. Still, for a crowd of indie kids, Bishop Allen got people dancing. Justin Rice's on-stage dancing is always fun to watch, not to mention the way he stares out into the audience looking a little like a fawn stricken by the heat of the stage lights (no deer, no headlights, no road-slaughter), ever the misunderstood poet. Christian Rudder (who rocks my socks) is cool enough to sell merchandise himself, which I find a little nerve-wracking because you go up to buy stuff and it's him, not some random person. I didn't have to deal with this at the Charlottesville show in March, the band was running late, but at the Black Cat it freaked me out a bit. Stay put, more BA-related fun is coming.
(more photos I took at the show here, please give me credit if you use them)

Bishop Allen - Click Click Click Click (The Broken String)
Bishop Allen - The Same Fire (June EP)

My review of the Broken String
Buy The Broken String (officially released today)
Bishop Allen's Website/Myspace

I got an e-mail last night from Bishop Allen's current bassist, Giorgio, so it's time for a plug. He and BA's drummer Ruddy are in a band called 1986, they released an album called Nihilism is Nothing To Worry About last year and are about to go record another one. I've been listening to bits and pieces of the record, it's a lot of fun.
(the photo is from 1986's myspace)

1986 - Better When You're Stoned (the song could be about my ex, easily. or me, sometimes.)
Buy Nihilism is Nothing to Worry About
1986's Myspace

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2 Responses to “Bishop Allen, Page France, and the Teeth @ the Black Cat 7-22-07”

  1. # Blogger Your Little Ghost Friend

    That's awesome... I can't wait to see Bishop Allen next week! Though yeah, it was a little weird buying merch from Christian when I saw em in November... not 'cause they're not all super-nice, but it's just weird, 'cause so few bands do that. Refreshing, I suppose.  

  2. # Blogger Kate

    Refreshing, definitely. I'm the person who's always to freaked out to go say hi to band members after a concert.  

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