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Fox News on Hillary - let's talk media distortion

So...Clinton gives a speech in Alabama, and Fox News airs this segment asking the question, "Is Hillary Clinton trying to fake a southern accent?"

Now, that segment looks kind of creepy, but when you hear the context of the speech, the media distortion becomes obvious:
(Correction: for those who aren't going to bother to read the comment discussion, I assume she changes accents because she's quoting a hymn)

Let's take this one step further: imagine if Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News, also owned the Wall Street Journal...

I am not a Hillary Clinton fan (go McCain at tonight's debate!!! 8 pm MSNBC), but please, Fox could do a little less obvious of a job distorting what actually happened.

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8 Responses to “Fox News on Hillary - let's talk media distortion”

  1. # Blogger LPC

    That's too bad. But do you think Mc Cain can win the Republican primary ? I've read that Giulani was in first position. And Mc Cain is a bit old, isn't he ?  

  2. # Blogger Kate

    I'm a little dogmatic when it comes to McCain, yes.  

  3. # Blogger LPC

    I've heard about his heroic action during the Viet-Nam war, so OK, he is a hero. But does it qualify him for being the next American President ? I am very anxious about your presidential election in 2008 : I mean, this might be the one and only presidential election that can have consequences for the entire planet.... And I've seen enough of George.  

  4. # Blogger Joe M.

    This comment has been removed by the author.  

  5. # Blogger Joe M.

    I like McCain very much: he balances fiscal conservatism with a streak of social liberalism very well (anti-pork, wants alternative forms of energy, has good ideas about immigration, etc).

    As for the Hillary question though, that's not something exclusive to Fox. Here's an article from by the Washington Post.

    Note especially the first sentence, and this article that is linked:  

  6. # Blogger Kate

    I saw that article as well - they actually take the steps to mention "brain damage" as a reason people change their accents.  

  7. # Blogger Joe M.

    Oh, on Slate? Well, brain damage can cause the accent change. Much as I may dislike Hillary, I do think that she does it for political reasons (as well as natural ones--I accent-shift too when I visit places for a length of time).  

  8. # Blogger Kate

    I thought the reason she changed accents was because she was quoting the hymn...and that was the point of the post.  

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