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hyping the hype: 5 Bands

Lately the Long Winters and Midlake have been getting a lot of blog coverage, and I'm here to add my two repetitive cents.....
They're pretty damn awesome. I've already posted my favorite Long Winters' song (Pushover), but I'll do it again....

The Long Winters - Pushover (a personal fav)
The Long Winters - Honest
The Long Winters - Ultimatum (rec'd)
Buy "Putting the Days To Bed" @ Amazon
More (legal) downloads from The Long Winter's Website

So why do I love the Long Winters? The songwriting, duh. "Pushover," despite being more or less a two chord song, describes unrequited love to a friend with all the frustration and desperation involved. "I just want you to say......Come on......."

Midlake - Roscoe (highly rec'd)
Midlake - We Gathered in Spring
Buy "the Trials of Van Occupanther" @ Amazon
Midlake's MySpace

I don't know about you, but when I listen to Midlake's "Roscoe," I feel like a cool cat. Maybe it's the way the bass fades into the piano intro. Maybe it's the way the two vocals intermingle as subtly as you would expect from, say, a Beatles song. Maybe it's the fact that everything's in a minor key. I have figured it out yet. Yes, the lyrics are uninspired...but does it really matter?

And some more...

Sky Larkin - Young Lungs (rec'd)
This little piece of joy from Sky Larkin is another song that makes me feel like a cool cat. Yet again, I feel like the intro / main riff between verses has something to do with it. Only this one makes my feet tap... "Now it moves, now it moves, now it moves through us...."
Sky Larkin's MySpace

Canasta - Shadowcat
Canasta - Slow Down Chicago (rec'd)
Canasta's Shadowcat feels like it could be a Jamie Cullum or Ben Harper or even Daniel Powter track, and I mean that in the best way possible. Very piano driven.....only the lyrics are way more subtle than you would find from any of them. What I particularly like about this song is its theological rebuffs self-righteous Christians in a quiet and convincing way. Which, guaranteed, makes me happy.
You know, I'm thinking about doing a Christiany post, as someone who grew up in a church and has serious issues with the way most self-proclaimed Christians act and think....
Canasta's Website / Myspace (with downloads)

Bree Sharp - Lazy Afternoon (rec'd)
The best way to describe Bree Sharp is that she's what Liz Phair would have sounded like if she hadn't misplaced the intelligence in her music when she decided to go mainstream (aka, catchy). That's really all I have to say about that. Also, you may know her from her song "David Duchovny"...
Bree Sharp's Website / Myspace

FYI, The Pipettes are sooooo overated.

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  1. # Blogger More Dynamics


    We better make some "go to Beirut together" arrangements soon. We should eat some diññer together before it starts, eh?  

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