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Belle and Sebastian's Latenighttales

...I bought it yesterday in Georgetown, and finally listened to it at about 12 am last night.
I had no idea what to expect from Belle and Sebastian, and what I found was an eclectic mix of rare soul, rap, big band, R&B, and jazz tracks, with some Johnny Cash, Stereolab, and Big Star thrown in for fun. Having not heard most of the tracks before, I had time figuring out where the original song ended and the remix began. At least I can tell on "Ring of Fire." I though I'd post "Ring of Fire" and two of my other favorites in the hope that someone will buy it.

the Peddlers - On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (Belle and Sebastian remix)

Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire
Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire (Belle and Sebastian Remix)

Buy Belle and Sebastian's LateNightTales ...on Amazon

Random Comment of the Day - Murky Coffee has been playing some great music today...


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