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Today's link dump: Reid fails again

  • So last night Reid tried to pull an all-night vote on Iraq withdrawal, and couldn't get enough votes for cloture (52-47). The Post story frames this as a "failure" for Reid, but Scott over at LGM was nice enough to remind us of some past uses of the filibuster (which I'm all for keeping, I just think the mainstream media should cover it as what it is - a tool for the minority on a contentious issue).
  • Harold Meyerson's editorial in the Post today rails against Republican Senators who are against continuing the war on its current course in name only - VA's own John Warner being a prominent example. The 5 Senators he highlights all voted against cloture, by the way.
  • Aw shucks, Romney isn't actually a top tier GOP candidate and people should stop talking about him like he is. Which would imply that hard-line Democrats talk about him because Romney = great way to make fun of the Republican party as a whole. Ooops, I'll stop covering him, but not before I mention the $300 his campaign spent on make-up before the May 3rd Republican debate.
  • Why we shouldn't take Edwards' poverty tour too seriously.
  • Psssp - this is a secret. I still love and idolize John McCain, but I'm thinking my dream ticket for 2008 is looking more like Obama-Richardson these days, unless Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich wins the Republican nomination or something crazy like that. Don't tell anyone. Why ideologically-libertarian politically-independent voters (like me) and "conservatives" (Andrew Sullivan's definition) may vote Democratic.

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