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Gingrich, Giuliani, and those darn dark horse candidates

So there's this great piece in the New Yorker by Jeffrey Goldberg about the changing nature of the Republican Party, featuring Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, and Karl Rove and some of the valuable lessons that Gingrich and Delay learned (and didn't learn) after being shoved out as Speaker of the House. As we all know, Gingrich is one of those undeclared might-run-might-not candidates in the Republican race (along with Fred Thompson), and is quoted in the piece as saying that the only way a Republican can win in 2008 is if they run against Bush (this might explain Ron Paul's burgeoning donations). We have another few months to find out if Gingrich thinks he's that candidate.

Slate has a great piece asking the question of authentic (and not-so-authentic) populism, and why voters turn to some candidates who fake it and not others, the case in point being the gloriously undeclared Fred Thompson. Thompson, as it turns out, is looking less and less undeclared.

Back to Rudy ("Rude") Giuliani: he's gotten his act together, and has even learned how to make nice with voters who don't like him. If only he hadn't. Though apparently, if you ask him about his Yankee championship commemoration rings...

Another sad performance for Bill Richardson on Meet the Press: nothing we didn't know already.

For good laughs: Fox News isn't actually a news station (see Anna Nicole Smith) and DC Needs A Slogan ("The City of Unethical Love", anyone?)

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