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Every song in this post is "download or die," but I shouldn't have to tell you that.
Thank you, Ryan Adams. I can't count the nights that I've been comforted by the rough edges in your voice, by the terseness of your words. You turned 33 two weeks ago, so this is my way of saying happy birthday.

Ryan Adams - Wish You Were Here

Yes, Rock N Roll was released in 2003, and yes, I've been listening to this song on repeat for the past two weeks. Some of you who have been with me longer will know that I think you can listen to a song time and time again and never really hear it, that sometimes you have to wake up to a piece of music. For me, it's always unexpected.

There's a certain tension between knowing exactly what you dislike about someone, hating what their flaws do to them, but realizing that the whole package is something you'd ache for if you didn't have it. "Wish you were here" plays on this notion, beginning with a vindictive tone of "Cotton candy and a rotten mouth / You know you're so fucked up" and sliding unexpectedly into "You know I couldn't help but have it for you." The ending is perfect in much the same way:
And if I could have my way
We'd take some drugs
And we'
The word smile becomes a declaration, a biting rebellion against uncertainty. It's what I'm planning on doing while things remain unresolved.

Ryan Adams - Nobody Girl

There's chill that comes each November and creeps into your bones; it's not the cold. It's the loneliness: of the bare trees and the wind blowing at your skin in through your clothes, exposing the weakness in your coat of winter armor. No matter how much time you spend drinking steaming liquids at kitchen tables and in cafes, the chill will be waiting for you when you step out the door. Whether you share someone else's warmth or sleep on your own, there's a certain implicit denial: nothing can protect you from tomorrow.
Well, the night makes moves
And it shatters like broken glass
Better play it cool... better let it pass
Have you been screening your smokes?
And whispers in an all night bar
Better off as the fool
Than the owner of that kind of heart
They don't know you anyway
They don't know you and they don't watch you walk away
What makes "Nobody Girl" perfect is a small twist of logic: Yes, you're fragile. You'll be hurt, you'll be lonely, but it's okay: no one ever knew you anyway.
Sometimes, it's heart-breakingly comforting.

Ryan Adams - Halloweenhead
Ryan Adams - Come Pick Me Up

Ryan Adams' Website/Myspace

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1 Responses to “"And evenings couldn't be trusted, he felt, / so dependent were they on other people."”

  1. # Blogger Carles

    I love RyRy.  

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